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Monday, June 5, 2017

How to build nerves of steel

Feel you might need nerves like steel ropes?

More than ever !
I don’t know how to develop them…
? What type of nerves ?

From the dictionary:

nerves of steel
Fig. very steady nerves; great patience and courage.

(author’s annotation: a person with nerves of steel must have a deep-rooted belief in his cause or at least have hope that s/he will succeed)

According to a report from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) about 27 million working-age Americans--nearly 14 percent--started or run new businesses, in 2015. These 27 million Americans are going out on their own; some of them deeply believing that they will succeed and others hoping that they will.

So, what if they don't really believe in themselves, if hope is their biggest asset?

Anybody who has ever been in real trouble knows how mere hope can stimulate us to keep going.

Hope isn’t just hope. There are different kind of hopes like ‘last hope’, ‘mere hope’ and also ‘well-founded hope’. The latter is particularly interesting, because we may know for sure that a certain deal will happen, finances can be raised, or some other important step will take place, and it may only be a matter of time.

Very often, our problem is that we cannot control the speed at which others proceed. We can ask, plead, remind, push… but inevitably, we have to wait till others are as ready as we are.

The savviest of us work so many options at the same time that they have reason for well-founded hope, any day. While a savvy person’s options A, B, C may be on hold, options D, H, and M could materialize that very day.

Have you ever looked closely at a steel rope?

A steel rope is comprised out of many thin steel threads, which are bundled into groups, which form thin steel ropes. These thin steel ropes are woven into the final product.

Of course, the obvious analogy is that the thin steel ropes represent the many opportunities we create for ourselves.

By developing lots of chances and opportunities, we simultaneously create nerves like steel ropes. They come from knowing that indeed we have reason for ‘well-founded hope’, that sooner or later one or another option will materialize.

Additional strength comes from knowing that even if a few of the thin steel ropes break, others or at least one of them will hold up.

This is how we build nerves of steel.

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Gisela Hausmann is an email evangelist, a PR expert and an author. Her work has been featured in the SUCCESS magazine, in Entrepreneur, on Bloomberg (podcast), on NBCNews, and in other fine publications. 

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